Golden Rule Mead

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About Golden Rule Mead

Golden Rule Mead exists because of the human drive for creative expression. We want to make something we love, and we love making that which surprises and delights those around us. The Golden Rule necessitates that we constantly practice our trade with respect - for our home and all that lives on it. We will constantly seek to refine our practices to do our part in reducing and balancing out what damage has already been done, and to share that knowledge and vision with our peers. We hope that our work gives people another good reason to come together, to respect and inspire each other and themselves.

We brew our mead at the Artesano Meadery in Groton, Vermont. Each of our meads starts with 100% Vermont-origin raw honey, and we do everything we can to source fruits, herbs, spices, and vegetables from farms around the state. Many of our recipes also incorporate tea grown on estates around the world - maybe one day we’ll see it grown in the Green Mountains. To learn more about our ingredients’ origins and their producers, please visit our Community page.