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About Olo Dessert Studio

Our awesome founder, Paula - UNM alumna, native of Mora, NM, and yogurt lover extradonaire - loves healthy and fun foods. While pursuing her Master of Public Health degree in Southern California, she frequented several self-serve shops in the area. She even admits to weeklong yogurt binges where every meal involved the tasty treat. She experimented and found the best times to enjoy "froyo" were: before class, after class, between class, after work, before and after going to the beach, after going to the gym, in the middle of shopping, as lunch, dinner or for dessert. (she is still refining the list...)

The obvious question in her mind: How could Burqueños live without froyo? With the support of her husband (Matthew) and some good friends (Tom and Precious), they embarked on a mission to bring the ultimate self-serve experience to Albuquerque.

At Olo Yogurt Studio we promise to serve only real yogurt, never made from powder and guaranteed to contain high live and active culture counts. (For you science buffs, that means our yogurt was grown through fermentation and not sprinkled into milk!) Our investment in a state of the art cooling system for our frozen yogurt machines ensures you get the best product - you won't find any air-cooled machines with inconsistent, runny froyo here! We offer an ever-changing variety of flavors and toppings so each experience is new and exciting for our guests.

We hope that when you create your own Olo Masterpiece, you find joy in this experience, are content in the wholesomeness of the product, and gain peace of mind knowing that you are treating yourself well. Thank you for learning more about our little shop. We hope you love our yogurt as much as we do!

To your health, to your heart, and to your mind! Salud!