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About Big River Raft Trips

“My love for the river and my appreciation for the little things has greatly attributed to my success.” I love what I do and after you go rafting with me you will too!”...Big River Billy Our Fearless leader Big River Billy is a fourth generation New Mexican and a world class traveling river guide. He can say forward paddle in 8 languages and has a Spotless safety record! Big River Billy has rafted rivers in the desert southwest including the mighty Colorado river thru the Grand Canyon! To Costa Rica and Mexico with 9 seasons of class five whitewater on the Gauley river in West “by god” Virginny. Big River Billy knows how important your vacation is and wants to help make it the very best one possible! has an extensive rafting resume as well as patented a rescue boat and safety devices. Big River was founded in 1983 . By “Waldo” Pedro Uvaldo Salazar. Waldi grew up along the banks of the Rio Grande. A local hispanic boy watching the tourists go rafting and decided he could do that too? Waldi ran Big River for 14 years. Then sold it to Billy D. Miller in 1996. “I bought a river permit, 1 broken van and 5 old boats with only 6 usable life jackets. 1996 was a tough year, a drought, worst in 50 years! Back then, I didn't have 50 cents to my name? but, I own a white water river rafting company on the Rio Grande. Wahoo! Well 22 years later... I still don’t have 50 cents in my pocket? lol but we do have 29 boats, 80 jackets and paddles and a spotless safety record! and We are still the smallest company on the Rio Grande.”...Big River Billy