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About Historic Annapolis Museum

More than Sixty Years of Historic Annapolis

Historic Annapolis grew out of a grassroots effort to preserve the outstanding architectural legacy of Maryland’s capital city.  Since its inception in 1952, our organization has been instrumental in saving or protecting hundreds of historic buildings in the heart of the city.  We’ve helped to block outsized new construction that would have detracted from the city’s historic character and special charm.  Annapolis is now a revitalization success story in which preservation of its unique historical identity has contributed to a thriving economy and high quality of life.

For more than six decades, Historic Annapolis has also researched, chronicled, and interpreted the many facets of Annapolis’s diverse history.  We’ve collected documents, images, and artifacts that embody that history.  And we’ve made that history accessible and enjoyable through a wide range of educational opportunities and public programs.

This timeline highlights just a few of the key preservation initiatives in which Historic Annapolis has played a major role and a sampling of the educational programs we have launched.