Carrol's Creek Cafe

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About Carrol's Creek Cafe

At Carrol's Creek, we've got an unmatched selection of steak and seafood, an enthusiastic staff and a serene view to go with your great experiences here. Everybody has those moments in life when they look back and remember the people they were with and the things they felt with a nostalgic fondness. Between our walls, we've made quite a few of those memories, and time after time we are honored our guests enjoy the Carrol's experience as much as we like putting it together. We've seen first dates turn into proposals years later, old reunions sat next to lifelong friends meeting for the first time and people making the memories that go on to define their lives. Something about this place, the serenity of the water, the ambiance of the dining room, the consistency of the relaxed experience, seems not so much to slow time as it does preserve it.

We started off doing seafood and steak really well, and we continue to do so, drawing in crowds for lunch and dinner alike. When people started coming back we realized it was for more than just the food, everyone in the restaurant has a passion for hosting, and there's nothing we love more than a happy guest