Valeria Watson Art

About Valeria Watson Art


This is the sound of a Loud Woman's voice calling her children home through Ancestor Walk Butoh, Art as ceremony with Osun and visiting our home temple in Osogbo, Nigeria for culture, art and healing.

Artist is the definitive way I see myself. Artist gives me the freedom to soar outside my body. Flying above the harsh life history would bequeath to me and mine. Born Black. Born female. I guess that is one of the last barriers wrought by patriarchy upon me.  Each day starting at my altar, whether cooking or joining with my beloved, there is a way, a tao that lives in the present moment, even though I approach it at times fearfully. I know through painting this world, immersing myself in this world; I bring it into reality.  

My art is made to heal me, relax me, center me, expose my unconscious fears and with butoh, paint, costume, parade, pantomime, drama, mold this healing way into a process and a healing business that benefits all who see, hear my songs, see or read about my art on social media or see one of my plays or films.  So there is the interweaving of prayer, and ceremony into all my work. That is how I challenge myself to use my magic which was once our natural way.  

There is called for an actual transfer of light to the viewer upon seeing in person or touching any of these items created by me.  That is part of my healing magic. I send out or step down Light and Love as I experience it in the higher realms of our reality.  Through art I am freed from concepts that society or inheritance has placed upon me through books and recording devices that portray my reality as a low and sordid thing.  Art is sacred to me and I hope to be able to continually share my immersive virtual interiors and the sacredness of nudity.