Braden's Seafood & Oyster Farm

Real wild oysters look as good as they taste! If you have never heard of a wild oyster... you are not alone. 

There aren’t many wild oysters around anymore. In the remote waterways near Port Royal Sound, South Carolina, they are naturally occurring. We harvest the wild oyster seeds from among centuries old oyster beds. 

We still handpick and grow these oysters into the most pristine and mouth watering oysters you can imagine!

We never use lab grown, GMO seeds that have become the industry standard over the last sveral decades. Our oysters are the most delicious our customers have ever tasted. The Braden Oyster Farm is also environmentally responsible... and our family does our part to stay in tune with the ecosystem our oysters came from. 

We are proud to know our product the way we do! As well, we are proud to say that we have a hand on every single oyster we sell. It takes practically four years to grow an oyster seed into one that’s ready to eat.

Come and see us! We also have delicious Mussels and Blue Crabs all year ‘round!

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