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About Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited - Beaufort

Wild Birds Unlimited is a women-owned small business catering to the hobby of backyard bird feeding and watching. We provide the freshest bird food, the finest bird feeders, and the expertise needed to help everyone create their own backyard oasis. Many of our products are Made in America and carry a lifetime warranty. 

Truly enjoying this hobby (like any hobby) is more than just buying the cheapest products you can find and hoping for the best. We can help you attract a wider variety of birds, we can stop squirrels and raccoons, and we can eliminate the weeds and piles of waste under your feeders. 

And, we also carry many unique gift products you can’t find anywhere else, like: Solmate Socks, Wallaroo Hats, unique Quilling Cards, Pet Memorial Stones, Silver Forest Earrings, and much, much more. 

Visit us today - we are located in TOWN CENTER in Beaufort. (Uptown)