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About Historic Port Royal Museum

A little about our Historic Port Royal Museum...

Take a trip back in time when lowcountry living was centerd around the harvesting of seafood from the local creeks and rivers.  Find out how the deepest natural port provided opportunities and inspired local craftsmen to build boats and trawlers and market their bounties to the world. 

Hear about the creation and eventual demise of the Port Royal Railroad - "Black and rusty - going to Augusty!"  See the results of strong community connections and family values - visit the Port Royal Musem! Our mission is to engage in and encourage partnerships to work for the restoration, preservation and protection of artifacts, buildings, landmarks, institutions and documents, and to promote knowledge of and appreciation the these items which portray the Town of Port Royal’s history.

The Historic Port Royal Museum will continue to feature the history of the Town, the Port Royal Railroad and the shrimping/fishing/crabbing industries in Port Royal along with their impact on the development of the Town.

We are always interested in acquiring more artifacts that pertain to Port Royal. 

Please contact us to discuss any donations you may wish to make.