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About Piggly Wiggly Supermarket


Where did it all begin? Piggly Wiggly, America's first true self-service grocery store, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1916 by Clarence Saunders. 

Operating under the unusual name ‘Piggly Wiggly, it was unlike any other contemporary grocery store. There were shopping baskets, open shelves, and no clerks to shop for the customer – all of which were previously unheard of! Today there are more than 530 Piggly Wiggly stores serving communities in 17 states. 


All in a name? Saunders' reason for choosing the intriguing name “Piggly Wiggly” remains a mystery; he was curiously reluctant to explain its origin. One story says that, while riding a train, he looked out his window and saw several little pigs struggling to get under a fence, which prompted him to think of the rhyme. 


All Piggly Wiggly stores are independently-owned and operated, and though they are located primarily in the Southeast, there are Piggly Wiggly® stores and as far north as Wisconsin. All of the Piggly Wiggly supermarkets offer the finest quality products and that includes the BEST Fresh-Cut Meats in Town! Stop in to shop and say hello to our very cool owner, Lou Sherman... He feeds our families!