Harold's Country Club

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About Harold's Country Club

If you are in Yemassee,S.C. or passing by on I-95, you should definitely try Harold’s.

We are an awesome, off-the-chart, eclectic place, AND is a must see (EAT) place. We are known as a down home hidden gem. We’ve got great people, $1 Jello Shots (there’s always room for jello), good steaks with a small salad/baked tater/grilled onion bar.

Our guests give us 5 stars because it is so different from any place you’ve ever eaten in before.  There isn’t any other place to compare it to! We won’t try.

Join us for Saturday evening 'steak night.'  (The menu is established each day, and that is the only menu item)  One of the best steaks you’ll ever have.  The bone-in ribeye medium-rare is the way to go. Bottom line...all of our food is not fancy, but great quality! We also serve food Wed through Friday nights, too! Go to our website for the particulars....

But...what really makes Harold’s Country Club a great place.... is the Atmosphere! We are in an old towing and garage service center that's been converted.  There is a standard bar up front (karaoke, bands, beer and line dancing kinda bar) ...that you’ll walk through to get to the restaurant (cafeteria style) in the back. When you are here, make sure you get one of our staff to tell you the story of the origin of this place.  It's too long to go into here!  Oh...Harold's is Smoke Free...leave your smokes home.  See you soon!