Donkey Balls are Hawai`i grown macadamia nuts or Hawai`i grown coffee beans coated with layers and layers of gourmet chocolate. Great flavors with funky names like Salty Balls, Blue Balls and Creamin' Screamin' Balls. Get some for home or send some to your friends.

Made In Hawaii with ALOHA!

World famous 100% Kona coffee, estate grown, hand picked and packages fresh. Hawaiian teas, confection, macadamia and condiments to make your next meal filled with ALOHA!

Craving more from home?

We sell 100% Kona coffee and ship it all over the US.

Order Today, Ships Tomorrow!

USPS Priority mail is so fast, you'll smell the ocean air when you open your package. $15 flat rate, so you can order as much as you want without extra charges!

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