Sedona Summers Art Stars

Imagine a life where you are happy, content, at peace and free. What if you saw the positive in everything that
happened around you? Not possible, right? Well what if  it were possible? Would you want to see the positive in
   Let's say you can forgive, accept things for the way they are and are filled with joy. What if you were more caring
and compassionate than you are now? Are you generous? Would you like to be? Think about it.
   Imagine yourself in a world where you are at peace. If you never saw the news or engaged in gossip I'll bet you
would stand a chance. If your days consisted of walks in nature, doing only things that you loved while enjoying
good health, I think you would be well on your way.
   I'm not saying my life is like this, but most of the time it is close. that if you could lessen the amount of suffering
in your life? Would you want to know how?  
   I have some thoughts on the matter, pretty private thoughts. It is my intent to share what I know to be true. My
hope is that you will become aware of what I know, and you, too, will come to understand that you can create the
happiest, most peaceful and content life and be free as well.
   I believe that any life can be a happy one. It can be a life with many blessings. The understanding and comfort of
knowing that you will receive exactly what you need, when you need it, is what I know to be real. I know this can be
true for you. The beauty and success of this process is in it's simplicity. Finding great happiness, contentment, peace
and freedom seems impossible only until it happens. With faith and practice such a life is here for all of us.

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