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Stuart Ingram’s vision of sharing his knowledge of nature and science was prefaced by this question while fishing on the beach. He had the idea to create a museum for the coast. The Museum of Coastal Carolina opened on May 25, 1991 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Now, imagine a young World War II airman learning to navigate his aircraft by looking at the stars. Years later, he points out different constellations to his family and friends on warm summer nights. Fascination with the night sky lead Stuart Ingram to dream of a planetarium where others can share his knowledge of and fascination with the stars. Ingram Planetarium opened in May, 2002 in Sunset Beach, NC — only four miles away from the Museum of Coastal Carolina which he had opened 11 years earlier.

With the first donation from his mother-in-law, the encouragement of a steering committee, the generosity of numerous friends, and the support of his wife, Louise, the local business community, and the citizens of Brunswick County, Stuart Ingram’s visions of the Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium are a reality today.