Shelburne Vineyard

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About Shelburne Vineyard

It takes determination and dedication to be a winegrower in Vermont. This land is not for the faint of heart. At Shelburne Vineyard, we have been pioneers and champions of the Vermont wine region for over two decades. We love this place: its rivers and valleys, mountains and lakes. We love expressing the terroir of our soils & climate through our wines, and being conscientious stewards of this land. We love being an integral part of the fabric of our community, supporting them as they support us. Since our first plantings took root in 1998, we have committed our lives to elevating Vermont’s wine region. We craft both classic and modern wines for people who want to connect with their winegrower, support agricultural preservation in Vermont, and appreciate a taste of place never before imagined. We promise to guide, educate, and engage, with the purpose of leading people to discover what Vermont wine offers. Our people have the curiosity, commitment, and experience to create wines that have established Vermont as a wine region, and will continue to define it into the future. We invite you to explore the next frontier of wine with us!