Cheese & Wine Traders

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About Cheese & Wine Traders

We are a Vermont family-owned specialty food store featuring over 1500 wines, 150+ cheeses, gourmet foods, Vermont made local products and handmade gift baskets all at great prices.

Great Prices – $1.99 for a gallon of organic milk, what gives?

Yes, that’s no typo – we offer ridiculously low prices in comparison to other grocery stores.  These discounted products are one-time deals and we may never see them again.

Our one-time sale items are due to: 
  • A great deal we were lucky to find
  • Overstock of a product - we have tons of it
  • Packaging is not in "mint" condition - a dented can or ripped package
  • Product is close or past the expiration date.

Our one-time deals are 100% quality in spite of expiration dates.  Cheese Traders will never knowingly sell a product with questionable integrity.  If you are not satisfied, we will offer you a hassle-free return.  This is our promise to you.