Wyeths By Water Lobsterboat Tours

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About Wyeths By Water Lobsterboat Tours

Port Clyde is rich with history of generations of fishermen as well as Wyeth family artists. Take one of three onboard art tours in the newly refitted authentic lobster boat, Linderin Losh, with our captain and tour guide—who will pull up a lobster trap or two on your excursion—to see many viewpoints captured in famous Wyeth paintings.

We depart on 2.5 hour excursions in my 42-foot lobster boat built by one of Maine’s historic designers, Royal Lowell, refitted with Coast Guard approval to accommodate up to 20 guests. Captain Dennis Leight and our Wyeth tour guide Rayette Hudon will describe the Wyeth summer home/studio (“Eight Bells” since 1920) and introduce you to their words and feelings as they described painting here. We’ll take you to the sites of emotionally powerful fine art paintings by Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth, and show you how N.C. Wyeth incorporated Port Clyde area images into classic book and American textbook illustrations, and into Coca-Cola ads in the 1930s and 40s.