H&H Seafood Market

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About H&H Seafood Market

H&H Seafood was created in 2006 as an outlet for H&H Fisheries. A place to unload our fresh caught product and sell to the public. Today we offer a large selection of Live and Steamed seafood. We specialize in LOCAL catch! Blue Claw Crabs,Lobster,Sea Bass,Conch,Tautog,Dogfish,Jonah Crabs & seasonal fish to mention a few...We shed our own softshell crabs in our holding tanks. We bring in shrimp,local clams and oysters, Cape May Scallops,mussels and fish to provide our customers with quality choices. Our small commercial fish dock allows our patrons the opportunity to see fresh fish & crabs unloaded off the boats and brought to the market for sale! Take your Crabs live or cooked home to share with friends & family or grab a picnic table on our dock and crack away! If you’re looking for fancy service and a huge menu...this is not the place for you! If you’re looking for fresh, local seafood, homemade soups & salads, corn on the cob, waterfront views and access to the commercial fishing industry then come check us out! We are Cape May’s home for All-U-Can eat Blue Claw Crabs!