Rail Trail? 

Bar rail?


Although that last one makes sense, too.

Our main inspiration for The Rail comes from surfing.  The rail is the edge of your surfboard and controls a lot of your movement on the wave.  


More than anything though, it’s a personal decision, and there’s a board for everyone.  You may prefer a wider rail to cruise along.  Or you might want a sharper rail to really shred.  Probably depends on the day, right?


Here at The Rail, we’re down for anything.  Need a relaxed spot for that business lunch on Tuesday?  Come on down. Want to grab a mimosa and hide from your responsibilities all morning?  Cool, we’ve got your back.  Just be careful, they might drive by you on the patio!

And before you ask, no.  Neither of us are good surfers…


Listen, you don’t have to be good at something to appreciate it.  If you could cook, you probably wouldn’t be here.  But don’t worry, we’re glad to have you!

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