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About Jungle Adventures - A Real Florida Animal Park

JUNGLE ADVENTURES – A REAL FLORIDA ANIMAL PARK Jungle Adventures, A Real Florida Animal Park, is the natural habitat jungle home of our rare Florida Panthers, Black Bears, Wolves, White-Tailed Deer, Tropical Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, and other critters. When you enter this timeless old Florida Hidden Treasure attraction on a journey into a lost world that time forgot you will SEE, HEAR, SMELL AND FEEL OLD, REAL FLORIDA.   • Hands on Wildlife Experience – go hands-on with a baby alligator and other cool critters.  Our guides give you a close-up encounter with some of nature’s most interesting animals. • Native American Village – learn how “Florida’s First People” lived centuries ago with authentic replicas of chickies (chee-keys”), tools and artifacts. • Gator Jamboree Feeding – Watch while our guides hand feed the “Last of the Dinosaurs,” our 8-15 foot alligators.  See Swampy, the World’s Largest Alligator! • Jungle Swamp Queen River Boat – Cruise aboard the serene passage on Green Gator River, deep inside a natural Florida habitat teeming with alligators, flocks of birds and authentic old Florida replica, Spanish Fort Mees.
•    You can sponsor a Jungle Mobile Zoo experience for your next family or company event to participate in our not-for-profit educational and conservation project.   ♦ Dinner Adventures in the Jungle – An exciting after hours visit of Jungle Adventures with dinner. ♦ Animal Trainer Handling Adventure – Learn what it takes to be an animal handler. ♦ Native American Village Enhanced Adventure – Go deeper into Native American Culture with Standing Bear . We are open EVERYDAY of the year - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm rain or shine.