The Gun Site Range

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About The Gun Site Range

Welcome to the Gun Site Range - an on-site 25 yard long, nine lane indoor range.

 We are a full-service indoor shooting range for handguns up to and including .44 Magnum, and rifles up to and including .30 Caliber Carbine.

We offer for sale a wide variety handguns and rifles as well as accessories such as T-shirts, belts, pistol holsters of all kinds and models, gun carrying cases, scopes including mounts and rings, ammunition for both handguns and rifles, and ammunition and targets for use here at the range.

Sign up for classes in firearms safety and uses, and the required classes for concealed carry licenses.  Hours: Sun 1p-6p; Mon 10a-7p; Tue Closed; Wed-Fri 10a-9p; Sat 10a-6p.