Rocket Fizz Soda & Candy Shop

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About Rocket Fizz Soda & Candy Shop

This quirky soda & candy store, located in The Ocean Walk Shoppes on beachside Daytona, features Rocket Fizz's ever expanding array of specialty sodas, chocolates from around the world, fun novelty gifts and a taffy bar stocked with locally made candies from Zeno's Taffy Factory.

From gummies to giant pixie stix to chocolate covered crickets... you name it, Rocket Fizz in Daytona Beach has it. Soda flavors include the sweet and savory Melba's & Lester's Fixins lines, gourmet chocolate sodas, craft root beers and unique pop label recipes. John Lemonade, KiSS Cherry Kola & Fluids 10-30 Oil (think black licorice) are our family favorites.

Check out the behind the scenes, PG-13 video on how one Rocket Fizz's best selling sodas: Ranch Dressing Soda, is created!