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About Daytona Beach Kayaking

The Florida intercoastal waterway, which separates Daytona Beach from the mainland, is one of the hidden natural wonders of central Florida. Often overlooked by visitors to Daytona Beach, it offers numerous opportunities for an up-close encounter with nature. At Daytona Beach Kayaking, we offer a unique blend of peace and relaxation combined with thrills and adventure of encountering, at close range, the manatees and dolphins that call the lagoon “home”. The Port Orange wildlife sanctuary also offers the opportunity to view the many species of wading birds that visit the sanctuary. Our trips provide a unique blend of peace, natural beauty, and a bit of excitement, to create an unforgettable outdoor adventure. During your kayak tour you’ll be surrounded by beautiful shorelines, an abundance of wildlife, peace and tranquility. But don’t be fooled, plenty of thrills and adventure await you on this relaxing kayak tour. A close encounter with a bottle nosed dolphin will definitely give you some thrills to remember. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure. The huge Florida Manatee calls these waters home. These docile creatures are a threatened species, but can be found in abundance in the waters just south of Daytona. They are curious creatures that can reach over 13 ft. in length and weigh over 1 1/2 tons! They have no natural enemies and find our kayaks a curiosity, often approaching to within just a few feet of them. While they are completely harmless, the thrill of a close encounter with such a rare and large creature is something you won’t soon forget! So join us as we navigate through the river’s waterways and experience the sights and sounds of nature, and an up-close encounter with some magnificent creatures. It’s an experience we call an “Unforgettable Kayaking Adventure”.