The Sergeantsville Inn

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About The Sergeantsville Inn

The Sergeantsville Inn is one of Hunterdon County's best kept and most delicious secrets. Dripping with historical ambiance this hidden gem also manages to pull off a modern and lively atmosphere. The Sergeantsville Inn offers the best of all worlds with dedicated rooms for Casual and Fine Dining. The restaurant also features a lovely tavern room and bar with it's own distinctly delicious and affordable menu.

The food here is simply fantastic. Chef Joe Clyde meticulously prepares a rustic American menu with farm fresh, locally purchased ingredients. He's gone to great lengths to offer a carefully crafted gluten free version of almost every menu item. This "can't miss" restaurant is located in the hamlet of Sergeantsville, a short drive north from downtown Lambertville. Sergeantsville Inn's dedicated tavern bar is a haven for friendly discussion among locals and tourists who mingle without interference from a large dining area or loud background music. The comfortable atmosphere naturally invites community comradery enhanced by a staff who move among, compliment, and contribute to conversation with ease and authenticity. Craft beer and top shelf bourbon are served with humble friendliness and hearty spirit in a remarkable atmosphere that encapsulates the tavern's long established stature as a destination restaurant in Hunterdon's heartland.