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Hit the Streets of Durango

Back in the day, every mining town of Colorado built a landmark hotel. That’s how they flaunted their riches and lodged the visiting bankers and financiers looking to invest in the mines. Fortunately many of those hotels remain today and Durango’s “grande dame,” the Strater Hotel, ranks as one of the most elegant. Go here for a few night’s stay, a drink, a sing-a-long of some old time-y tunes in their Diamond Belle Saloon or just a saunter around the hotel’s richly furnished Victorian interior. Stepping into the Strater is like walking onto the movie set of an old western that’s being filmed in a mining town. The same can be said for the Grand Imperial Hotel, another historic Durango property. Yep, not much has changed since back in the day.

Durango Strater Hotel Fireworks2

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Colorado's Wild Side

Colorado consistently ranks high as one of the fittest states in the United States. The mountain towns score the highest. That includes Durango, which although it’s not tucked in at the base of towering rocky peaks, its size and character give it a distinctive Rocky Mountain town feel. And there’s no doubt about it, most people live and visit here because they like being active in the outdoors.

Durango River Tripper

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