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About Tech-Nichol

About the owner.

James Nash McNichol started his professional carrier as a small-electronics-repair-man at the age of twenty. When he was fifteen years old he started to learn about small electronics through YouTube videos. Not long after graduating high school, he got his first job [at Cell-Doctors] as a repair mechanic. McNichol says his success began from "being optimistic when the answers were not clear, even when I doubted myself at the lowest points in life."

What is the future for Tech-Nichol?

McNichol has plans to create opportunities for teens to learn more about Small electronics. Tech-nichol believes that consumers have a tendency to toss electronics into landfills; this can be solved by giving the general knowledge people will need to make small repairs to said electronics.

How is this relevant to you [the reader]

As a local first member, it is crucially important to understand what the mission statement is from the business you choose to support. this is why our mission statement is to ensure the longevity of your devices for years to come.

Our Mission

Tech-Nichol dedicates itself to human interaction; in an technology-growing world we know that nobody wants to press zero or say "operator" when trying to reach someone that can help their issues. That is why we offer free consolation about any and all your tech needs during our business hours.

Tech-Nichol dedicates itself to sharing with the community; we want others to love their devices as much as we do, that is why knowing your device inside and out is one of our top priorities. We are happy to offer one on one training for how to get the most our of your Tech.

Are you interested in working with Tech-Nichol?

If you want to learn more about the tech industry, or have a passion for taking things apart and building them back together, please call or send an email to the contact information located below.