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THE OLDEST HOT SAUCE SHOP IN THE U.S.A. OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK 10 AM TO 5 PM, THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY. CLOSED TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. 100 S. TALBOT ST. 800-HOT-8841 Life is too short to eat boring food!” is Bob Deppe’s philosophy behind his company, Flamingo Flats. Bob, your host at Flaming Flats in St. Michaels MD is always ready and happy to spread the good word about his outstanding products, which have been written up in the Wall Street Journal, Food and Wine, Eastern Shore Life, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chile Pepper Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and others too numerous to mention. One of the nations oldest purveyors of hot sauces. Flamingo Flats offers delicacies for everyone and treasures from everywhere. At "The Flats" you will enjoy warm,friendly people willing to share stories,rattle off recipes or help you hand select the best sauce,rub or salsa for the occasion.