Marconi Beach Restaurant

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About Marconi Beach Restaurant

In its 16th season in 2018, Russ & Marie's Marconi Beach BBQ Restaurant is the Outer Cape's only authentic southern, pit-style smoked barbecue. The pork ribs are smoked for hours, using assorted woods such as apple, hickory, pear and cherry, resulting in meat even the most diehard southern barbecue fan would be proud of. Devotees love the selection of pork ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, and chicken, sliced smoked turkey, pork and brisket, and delicious BBQ chicken. The menu at this relaxed, table service restaurant also features regional favorites, such as lobsters and clam bakes, sizzling steaks, fish and chips, steamers, and other baked and broiled seafood options. Don't miss the delicious Southern Fried Chicken buckets to go!