Traveler Reviews

"We were thrilled to find a Richmond Discovery Map in our STR Welcome Packet. We seek out Discovery Maps wherever we travel and find them to be fun and informative and easy to use in planning our visit to a new area. W even use them when touring by bicycle so we can be sure..."

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Franchisee Testimonials

Penny Perian

"I am a dedicated advocate of huge distribution. TGhat is why I pay so much to print so many. We take our maps EVERYWHERE! The reason I have the Cocoa Beach side totally full and the Cocoa Village side 90% full of return advertisers is because everybody wants on the map. I had to turn..."

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In the Press

Advertising Franchise Has Its Future All Mapped Out

As a franchise, Discovery Map has never been more excited about its position in the world of local advertising. The free, artistically styled, engaging, user-friendly maps that ar enow found throughout the country and internationally have been the pillar of the company's and franchisees' success.

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