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In the Summer of 2021, Troy and Jeanna Leek were sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands off Puerto Rico when they came across their first Discovery Map in Culebra. They immediately realized the map concept fell in line with all their ideals and would be perfect for Galveston. They wasted no time contacting Discovery Map. The first Galveston Island map should debut in May of 2022.


Troy and Jeanna are Galveston Island business promoters, tourism facilitators, and advocates for local residents. To understand what fueled the culmination of these three distinctive perspectives, it is necessary to appreciate how all paths converged to form their value attaining journey. 

They call Galveston Island home, where they have lived and worked for a combined period of over 35 years. During that time, Troy acquired 20+ years of experience in the IT industry while Jeanna’s Island life started at Texas A&M Galveston and led her to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), gaining an extensive background in Research Science and Quality Assurance. Outside of their careers, they have a love of travel and culture, this in turn, led them to share their home on Galveston Island with others. In late 2010 they started a side business of running a vacation rental out of their bungalow and listed it on the newly established Airbnb (as only the sixth house in Galveston).  The industry began to boom and now the island has grown to over 3000 current vacation rental listings. In line with their tourist industry interest, either Troy or Jeanna have served on the Board of Directors for STROAG (Short Term Rental Owners Association of Galveston) since its inception in 2014.


Living on the island, while owning and managing a tourists focused business, affords them a vested interest in the community as a developing economic environment, as a residence, and as a tourist destination. This multifaceted perspective lends to the natural progression of owning a business that will serve the complete Galveston Island trifecta. Galveston Discovery Map is the perfect puzzle piece emphasizing all three necessary values; promoting the growing local businesses, facilitating tourist needs, and preserving local community.

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