Visiting an 1890s Confectionary is a dream we've all had. Now it's possible if you come to the Gettysburg Chocolate Market! Marvel at the selection of Ice Cream, Coffees, Pastries, Chocolates and Fudge. We are working with some of America's oldest purveyors of great treats. Bassetts Ice Cream is a multi-generational Ice Cream maker who has been making premium Ice Cream since 1861! Yup, 1861. That was before Lincoln even came to Gettysburg! Wonderful treats are available from Ackers, a Pennsylvania Chocolatier making Chocolates since 1893. Our Fudge and Pastries have a different story as all of it is made fresh locally. Our baked goods are made daily in our own kitchen and feature recipes like Mil's Sweet Rolls and Betty's Sticky Buns that have been passed down in the owner's family. And what would a Chocolate Market be without gooey Chocolate items? Yes, we will provide a napkin. Finally, we will offer Coffee treats that will surprise you and excite your tastebuds. Join us soon!

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