Smiley’s Markets & Malls was formed in 1984 by Ben Campen, Sr. He had a vision of providing a place where anyone and everyone can sell their merchandise at affordable prices to the public. Ben Sr had experience in the flea market business since 1975 and in the early 80’s he decided to build flea markets throughout the Southeast. When pondering a name for the flea markets he wanted something that would reflect a positive light on the business and the people that operated it. Smiley’s was the obvious choice. Contrary to what some people believe, his last name is not Smiley, but he will answer to it almost every time you see him.

That dream came true in the fall of 1984 in Fletcher, NC. Smiley’s opened its doors to a record crowd in the Fall of 1984. Starting on 20 acres and with just over 50,000 square feet of covered selling area, Smiley’s has now grown to well over 100,000 square feet, 700 outside selling spaces and an antique mall that is longer than a football field. Smiley’s Flea Market in Fletcher, NC is known as the best and biggest flea market in all of the Carolinas.

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