Mia's Marketplace

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About Mia's Marketplace

Mia’s Marketplace encompasses 14 little shops under one roof. 
The marketplace has an array of jewelry from all eras in the past as well as fashion and trendy jewelry of the present. The store has most everything a woman or man could want to warm, cozy or decorate their home. We have a couple of local artists that make beautiful and unique pottery, jewelry, and paintings of different kind of media. The store is full of vintage items from well-kept vintage clothes, hats, furniture, jewelry. Plus, there is a room full of new farmhouse decor and furniture. There are rooms that have crystal from the past from different countries, Irish jewelry straight from Ireland and each vendor takes pride in their room. Most all rooms have different themes and merchandise from old to brand new.

Customers have described Mia’s Marketplace as one of their many favorite places to shop on Main Street. The shop is a great place to shop for gifts, collectibles, fashionable home decor, as well as a little self-indulgence for everyone. It is one of those shops you must experience for yourself.