3 of Our Favorite Things to do in Huntington, New York

Situated on Long Island and part of New York City’s metro, Huntington proves there’s no need to leave the area and head to the Big Apple to have a great time. You can enjoy lesser crowds and still plenty to do and see, all in this mid-size town.

Founded in the mid-1600s, Huntington is rich with history and its picturesque scenery has served as a backdrop for several movies and television shows. There are also several outdoor attractions in the area, as well as plenty of spots to enjoy dining, shopping and entertainment (Huntington just so happens to be home to the largest downtown area in Long Island).

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Local's Corner: Huntington, NY Best Kept Secrets

Most Discovery Map franchise owners live and work in their map territories. Why does that matter? They’re experts in all things local!

We recently sat down with with Steven Sprachman, owner of Discovery Map Huntington, NY, and asked him some questions about what makes his map destination special.

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