Keene & Monadnock Region, NH, Guide and Information


Keen on Keene

Walking down Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire almost gives you the impression of being on a movie set. It looks like hometown America par excellence. Its Victorian architecture, decades-old storefront facades, classic white clapboard church and friendly feel harken back to simpler times. It’s so darn authentic that there’s a hint of nostalgia hanging in the air.

No wonder the 1995 movie, “Jumanji,” starring Robin Williams, was filmed here. Yes, it’s the real deal. There’s not much that’s fake about Keene.

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The Almost Complete Guide to Monadnock

Named after Mount Monadnock, a towering mountain that measures 3,165 feet above sea level, Monadnock the region is composed of a jumble of small New England towns sewn together by picturesque farmland, beautiful state parks and lots of lakes. Outdoor activities abound in this part of south-central New Hampshire all year long and best of all it is a place where both strident athletes and sightseers just taking in the scenery can find happiness.

As your Discovery Map shows, Mt. Monadnock ranks as the most frequently climbed mountain in North America. Yes, indeed. And on a worldwide scale, most rate it about as popular as Japan’s Mt. Fuji. Can you imagine that! The amazing panoramic views you enjoy from many vistas on the climb–and certainly at the summit– are some of the primary reasons for Mt. Monadnock’s appeal. On a clear day, you can see as far as Boston. Plus, you can access this monolith from numerous trailheads located in several towns, including Jaffrey. There’s a good route for just about everyone, since the degree of difficulty ranges from easy to––well, let’s just say better be in shape for that one. Mt. Monadnock is not the tallest peak within the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but it certainly is the most famous.

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