Lindy's Diner

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About Lindy's Diner

Here at Lindy's everything begins with history. Lindy’s Diner is a Paramount diner, manufactured in New Jersey, and transported to Keene, by the Chakalis family in 1961.  Many of our customers can tell you that they personally watched the diner transported into town on a flatbed truck, and lifted onto the foundation. Many of our older customers also claim that they helped with the construction of the kitchen addition.

So why come here? Well, in 1973 the diner was sold to George and Arietta Rigopolous, who are relatives of the Chakalis family, and with whom a tradition began.  During their ownership, they encouraged political candidates to visit and campaign in the diner.  Here in New Hampshire, one thing you must know about the people here is we expect to meet our candidates face to face.  It is rumored that if you do not visit Lindy’s Diner as a presidential candidate, you will not win New Hampshire primary.