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Conch Republic Aero Tours over Key West

The Original Airborne Sight Seeing Tour of Key West!

Having spent his entire life in the cockpit of antique aircraft, your pilot Bill Gordon is a third-generation aviator. His tours accommodate two passengers and are narrated. As you fly at 500 feet over historic points of interest in Key West, you will see sharks, rays and dolphins. Come along as we fly over Sand Key Lighthouse, shipwrecks and the living coral reef.

Bring your camera!
We offer a 15 minute Island Tour, 30 minute Reef Tour,
30 minute Sunset flight and a 30 minute Sunrise flight.

Book Your BiPlane Ride Today! Come fly in the Conch Republic Air Force 1942 UPF-7 Waco Biplane over Key West, Florida. There is nothing like it for excitement...

You could say it is right up there with Sky Diving!

For a real fun time, call us... go ahead and make the best memory ever!

Remember to book early to reserve your seats.

Check out a YouTube Video produced by one of our high-flying guests... “Grumpy Husband!”

See you soon!!!