Key West Room Escape

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About Key West Room Escape

For the Best Escape Room Experience!

A MUST visit for anyone, tourist or local, who likes puzzles and solving problems. We'd recommend having at least 3+ people do the rooms as some of the clues are time intensive.

What is the Room Escape Experience?

Teamwork and communication to solve exciting live puzzles!

Our Room Escape adventure is an interactive and intuitive real-life escape game. Locked up with a group of 3 to 6 players, participants have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles to escape.

Each of our themed escape rooms is unique and range from action, adventure, drama, and more!

We provide an interactive experience where teams race against time to escape by finding clues based on various scenarios to solve puzzles within 60 minutes. We have designed the experience to appeal to different age groups and all backgrounds.

Can YOU Escape in Time?