The Indian Tepee Gift Shop

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About The Indian Tepee Gift Shop

The Indian Tepee has been a MUST see gift shop for all Lake George area visitors for nearly 50 years! Come be part of the FUN shopping Tradition!

Known to most as The Tepee Store- they have everything! And really, we do have everything! The Indian Tepee Gift Shop truly is many shops under one roof. Inviting you to take a step back in time to experience the charm of an old-fashioned country store composed of a variety of boutiques, here at The Tepee we specialize in decorative must-have accessories for a friend, the home and the garden. Your senses are sure to be tempted with the aroma of Adirondack Balsam, a wide variety of highly scented candles, the sweet taste of candies, jams, jellies and specialty foods, and our famous winter-time Christmas Brew.

From beautiful jewelry to an extravagantly-decorated Christmas and Harvest shop, Adirondack Gifts and Sportswear to Dishware and Decorative Sioux Pottery, you're sure to find something for everyone. Our full Minnetonka Moccasin line will be sure to give you comfort, asour staff provide "full- service." From the fitting to the perfect pair for the occassion, we assure you will be pleased.

At 52 Years old, The Indian Tepee Gift Shop is a must-see among friends, family, and generations within.