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Savor the Flavors of Long Beach Island: A Culinary Journey by the Sea

Long Beach Island (LBI), nestled along the picturesque coast of New Jersey, is not only known for its pristine beaches and charming beach towns but also for its thriving culinary scene. From delectable seafood to casual beachside bites and gourmet dining experiences, LBI offers a diverse range of culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds. Join us on a culinary journey as we explore the best places to eat and drink in Long Beach Island, indulging in flavors that capture the essence of this coastal paradise.

When it comes to seafood, Long Beach Island is a treasure trove. Start your culinary adventure by visiting some of the island's beloved seafood shacks. The Chicken or the Egg in Beach Haven is an iconic spot, renowned for its finger-licking good wings and burgers. Clam chowder enthusiasts shouldn't miss Howard's Restaurant in Beach Haven, where they serve a hearty and flavorful bowl of this classic dish. For a casual beachside experience, head to Ship Bottom Shellfish, where you can indulge in fresh clams, oysters, and lobster rolls.

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