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Jeff Willis, Space Coast Enterprises, LLC

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 Jeff Willis

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Jeff Willis hails from Buffalo, NY, but visits the Cocoa Beach and Melbourne area so often that he feels like a resident. He has a successful career as an executive in the commercial audio and video industry and prior experience in wholesale technology products distribution. In both industries, he led diverse digital and print marketing strategies which successfully drove growth for his customers. After researching several business opportunities and Discovery Map markets, Willis chose the Melbourne and Cocoa Beach markets to establish his business. Both the Melbourne and Cocoa maps have been published in the past and have a long history of success in the Space Coast. Willis looks to build upon that now that he has purchased the businesses.


“Our goal is to first take care of the existing advertisers and build on their success, and second, aim to attract new advertisers and welcome them to the family,” said Willis.  “We will work tirelessly to make sure that our printed maps are available in hundreds of locations in each market, all year long, and that advertisers’ messages are also optimized digitally.


This will be the first time that the Melbourne and Cocoa maps will be under the same owner.


“It was important to purchase both the Melbourne and Cocoa businesses and ensure that advertisers in the Space Coast areas can rely on a consistent, robust approach and strategy,” he added.


Discovery Maps are colorful, hand-drawn maps that have become a favorite of travelers for navigating local dining, attractions, businesses, cultural experiences and tourist destinations.


“As much as we rely on technology, people prefer printed maps when vacationing,” said Willis. “However, Discovery Map also has a strong digital presence that works hand in hand with the printed map and brings even more value to advertisers. The printed and digital maps are truly like works of art and reveal the character of an area... and both Melbourne and Cocoa Beach have plenty of that to go along with the natural beauty of the rivers, parks and beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.”


Jeff Willis is a senior executive engaged in the technology products and services industry. While continuing to build and foster the growth of companies in that space, Willis has also led the relationship building, strategy and marketing efforts for start-ups to large public companies. His passion for the Space Coast, that he shares with his fiancée Andrea, has resulted in making his purchase of Discovery Map of Melbourne and Discovery Map of Cocoa, collectively Discovery Map of Florida’s Space Coast a logical part of his portfolio. Jeff is available for public speaking, consulting, interviews, and a cup of coffee. He can be reached at Florida Space Coast Enterprises, LLC by calling or texting (321) 408-8971. Follow the business on Instagram @SpaceCoastMap    


Businesses interested in placing an ad in the upcoming Discovery Map of Melbourne and Discovery Map of Cocoa Beach editions can call or text Jeff at (321) 408-8971 or email  Instagram @SpaceCoastMap


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