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About PizzaVola Italian Eatery

Growing up on Staten Island in a traditional Italian family, Tony’s passion for great food started at a very young age.

Tony’s father, worked in his own Italian restaurants and pizzerias throughout his life and was inspired by his Sicilian heritage after coming to America in the 50’s.  In 1960 the first of many Italian Restaurants was opened by his father in Brooklyn on 13th avenue.   The fresh ingredients and the unique flavors kept people coming back for more.  Tony started working at his father’s restaurants at the age 13.  He fell in love with the pizzeria and restaurant business, and realized quickly he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as did all of his brothers.  Tony’s father taught him early on to always use the freshest ingredients, provide great service, and don’t tell anyone about the secret recipes!

In 2000 Tony went out on his own and opened his first Pizzeria restaurant Vola Café in Long Branch NJ.   The restaurant quickly became a place where friends and family came together for a great Italian meal or pizza.  In 2014 Tony moved toFlorida to bring the same great tastes from his family’s traditions to Florida.