Estampa Gaucha Brazilian Steak House

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  • 1700 West New Haven Ave., Melbourne, FL

About Estampa Gaucha Brazilian Steak House


In the extreme south of Brazil, there is  a land of rich and strong rural traditions, families have been gathering on weekends, for centuries , to celebrate life around a barbecue"CHURRASCO". There they talk, laugh, dance, enjoy themselves and specialize in grilling many types of meat.

Thus, the CHURRASCO became the best representation, the "Trademark" or as the Brazilians say, "ESTAMPA" of the GAÚCHO lifestyle, such Denomination is given to the inhabitants of Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern state of Brazil. 

Today, here at ESTAMPA GAÚCHA, with great pride, we bring you the best of our churrasco, our culture.

We are looking forward to show our hospitality and win your loyalty  for the excellence of our food and services.

Come and experience  this reality. Make your reservation and join our family.