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About Salt Float Center

welcome to a world of floating

Floating involves lying on your back in an 8’ x 5’ room or pod that has 10 inches of water in it, of which close to 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt has been dissolved. The room is completely sound and lightproof. The Epsom salt provides a high buoyancy and the water temperature matches that of the surface of your skin. Combined, these two effects give the sensation that there actually is no water and that you are just floating. The drastic reduction of gravity, combined with the complete silent darkness, initiates a reduction in your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and, consequently, a reduction in bodily inflammation. This deep relaxation and complete comfort unlocks and unburdens your mind while your body heals. Floating is known to unleash a flow-state of creativity and can help breakthrough mental blocks you might be experiencing. Once the session is over, most experience a post-float euphoria which can last days where you are focused, unburdened and at peace.
This is the world of floating…. and as wonderful as it sounds, it is even better than that.