Sorriso Kitchen

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About Sorriso Kitchen

Sorriso means "smile" in Italian.

At our eatery it also means a farm-fresh menu served in a bright, creative space with a mission to help special needs students. 

And breakfast potatoes to die for.


We're passionate about our food and making our guests feel welcome. We bring together the freshest eggs and produce from local farms, delicious breads baked daily and the highest quality meats in a creative menu prepared by CIA-trained Executive Chef Ryan Chatfield. From Karen's custom wallpaper design down to the black and white paper straws, Sorriso gives you a lot to smile about. 

 You'll be greeted by owners Karen and Jimmy Bellas, or one of their sons, as Sorriso is a family affair. Come in and see for yourself how delicious food, prepared with a smile, will have you eating happy.