Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

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About Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound® is located on Route 3 at 1237 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton, Maine, just before the bridge onto Thompson's and Mount Desert Island. It is hard to miss with the row of wood-fired cookers out front smoking away and the big sign on the roof that says, "LOBSTERS". At the present time, the seasonal eatery features boiled lobsters and steamed clams, clam chowder and lobster stew, lobster and crabmeat cocktails, lobster and crabmeat sandwiches, rolls and melted butter, with sides of potato salad and cole slaw. Blueberry cake and pie is available for dessert along with assorted ice cream bars. For those who are seafood challenged, peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and tuna fish sandwiches are available. Beverages include assorted sodas, coffee, hot and iced tea. Sorry, no fried or grilled foods.