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About Carolina Hat Company

Simply put, our company was founded out of a love for hats. There are so many different brands and styles out there for someone to choose from. For us, that brown felt Indiana Jones hat was it.  Heck, he loved it too. The man risked life and limb for the thing. Why? Because he took the time and had the confidence to try a few on and settle in on his perfect hat. Once you do that, its all over.

Many folks love the look of the "non baseball cap" hat styles, but cant find the right one for them. That's too bad because just about everyone can look great in a hat. That's where Coast Hats comes in. Here's the formula:

Great Selection of Name Brand Hats + Expert Service = The Perfect Hat For You

Come see us, try on some styles, speak with our knowledgeable staff. Guess what? You'll have fun doing it and walk out with the style and confidence you've been hoping for. Who knows, one day you too may find yourself reaching under your closing garage door to save your hat...