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New Smyrna's Only Speakeasy and the Cocktail Renaissance

Like a flame to a chef, it is said ice is to a skilled bartender…

Craft cocktail making has become a culinary art form. Creamy martinis and exotic rum drinks are exquisitely photographed like centerfolds in travel and food magazines. Tantalizing flavor profiles we drink in with our eyes leave little to the imagination.

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Local's Corner: New Smyrna Beach, FL Best Kept Secrets

We sat down with with Sherry Taylor, owner of Discovery Map New Smyrna Beach, FL and asked her some questions about what makes New Smyrna Beach, FL special.

Great question! For starters, I recommend:

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The Art, History and Culture of NSB

So what’s with the name New Smyrna Beach? If it’s Greek to you that’s because it is Greek, named after the Greek city of Smyrna, which is today the city of Izmir in Turkey. Settled by Europeans in 1768, a Scottish physician by the name of Dr. Andrew Turnbull, established the colony of New Smyrna in this oh-so lush part of the New World. Since he was married to the daughter of a merchant from Smyrna, he named the settlement after her birthplace. What a lovely tribute!

The history of this beautiful Florida destination is as rich as the dark rum that was once produced here. In addition to sugarcane (used in the making of rum), hemp and indigo were also grown here by Dr. Turnbull and other colonists. Plantation life proved to be a failed endeavor and many of the Mediterranean peoples brought in to work in the fields ended up fleeing to Saint Augustine, Florida.

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Water Fun at New Smyrna Beach

Take one look at your Discovery Map and you’ll see there’s a lot of water in and around New Smyrna Beach (and also Edgewater), Florida.

Fortunately the subtropical climate of Central Coast Florida cooperates enough so that you can have fun in the water year round.

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