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About Dolce Freddo Gelato

Gelato is Italian for ice cream, yet different for three distinctive reasons. First, Gelato has a much lower amount of fat, usually ranging between 6% and 8%. vs. 15% and 22% for ice cream. Gelato’s fat content is due predominantly by the use of fresh milk cream, while fat found in ice cream is often originated by the use of industrial butter. Second, gelato is made fresh daily in small batches incorporating less air into the product. Third, gelato is held and served at a temperature that is “warmer” than ice cream. Local, family-owned business offering authentic Italian gelato, sorbetto and cold desserts. • Authentic Granita beverages • Customized Gelato Cakes • Gelato Sundaes • Italian Espresso & Coffee • Homemade Hot Chocolate (seasonal) Over 120 Gelato and Sorbetto flavors