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About Piel Craftsmen

A quaint New England shop, we offer unique nautical gifts; Sailing Ship Prints framed and unframed, ships in bottles all sizes and shapes from different countries around the world. Half Hull Models, Nautical Lamps, and for the model maker a fine selection of Wooden Ship Model Kits. Scrimshaw Cribbage Boards, Ships in Bottles, Nautical Prints; framed and unframed, Half Hull Models, Lighthouse Lamps, Nautical Bags, and other interesting nautical items. Piel Craftsmen brings to you a collection of 14 famous wooden ship models completely finished, handmade miniature of a famous ship fully assembled and ready to display. During the past 50 years the Piel Craftsmen have produced over 20,000 ship models and restored thousands of ship model wrecks to their original condition.